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Why White Labeling?

When one company creates a product or service then allows another company to put their own brand name and logo on it, that’s a practice known as white labeling. At BrightPoint, we utilize white labeling to prevent donor confusion.

Our name won’t appear on your sponsorship website or in communications received by your sponsor. Instead, your logo and branding will be all they see. We have a strong reputation for quality, reliability and a successful track record of white label partnership. Why is BrightPoint’s white label solution easier than building your own? 

Save Time & Money 

Avoid the learning curve and launch quickly. 


White labeling maintains a consistent brand image.

Avoid Mission Drift

Maintain focus on serving others instead of developing IT and processes.

Child Photo Gallery

Your logo and branding requirements are prominently displayed on the child profile gallery. Search options include gender, age, birthday and a “Let Us Choose” feature.

Event Packet

We prepare unsponsored child packets for events that include your logo, branding specifications and a QR code for ease of sign up. Sponsorship signup is also available using our mobile phone tool.


All communications are branded with your logo, whether it’s email inquiries, child letter templates, the sponsor portal or the nurture campaign series. When we respond to sponsor inquiries, your email banner is used. Communications may also be customized as needed.

Sponsor Portal

Our online portal allows sponsors to make updates, access tax receipts, write a letter and view all photos, letters, and videos from their sponsored child. Your logo and branding requirements are prominently displayed.

Before you build it yourself, understand the challenges.