Change A Life!

Create a brighter life for a vulnerable child with one of our partner organizations by providing for their basic needs and education.

Sponsor A Child


Age: 12 – Location: Kenya


Age: 7 – Location: Honduras


Age: 10 – Location: Zambia


Age: 5 – Location: Haiti

What makes BrightPoint different?

A Partner Network

We work with a network of local not-for-profit organizations serving children across the globe.

Remove Barriers With Our Partners

Our programs address the most significant barriers that prevent a child from achieving their potental.

Together We Are Efficient

We manage the sponsorship programs, while our partners manage their ministries. 

Help us continue to impact the lives of children around the world

Stories of Hope & Success

Restoring Hope – End of the Year Campaign

Restoring Hope – End of the Year Campaign

Hello, friends. This year has been a ride. With everything from COVID-19 to sheltering in place, schools closing and people losing jobs, food shortages and a crazy political year, now more than ever is the time to remember that 2020 is not over and there is still hope...

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Using Technology to Write to Your Sponsored Student

Using Technology to Write to Your Sponsored Student

If you are sponsoring a child, chances are you have had a million questions running through your mind about how your child and their community are doing. Our partners have been working very hard to give updates about the current state of the communities and countries...

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BrightPoint for Children administers the
sponsorship program for the partners in their network.