Together, we achieve our goals.

Our organizations benefit by working together to support the needs of impoverished children.


Our partners are U.S. based not-for-profit organizations working with impoverished or vulnerable children in countries we desire to work. They are the heroes on the ground, serving children in need!

Consider becoming a partner if your organization:

  • Is working to serve children locally or globally.
  • Has infrastructure and programs in place to serve children in need.
  • Is a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Needs administrative assistance for managing your programs,  recurring contributions, and/or sponsorships.

What We Offer

Child Sponsorship Services is the customized sponsorship division of BrightPoint for Children, Inc.  We provide the technology and processes to administer the sponsorship program. We even cover startup costs and only take a small admin fee for each sponsorship. Once a month we contribute the remaining proceeds back to you.

With every partnership we offer:

White Label

We will set up your sponsorship website with your organization’s branding and look and feel. You simply link your current sponsorship page to the sponsorship site.

Custom Programs

We understand the needs of the children being served and define each sponsorship program with the partner for each community of children.

Data Entry

We upload the child profiles and program definitions on the new sponsorship site.

Event Collaboration

We work with the partner to acquire sponsorships through sponsorship events, social media, and other sponsoring opportunities.

Account Administration

We facilitate the sign up of new sponsors, process payments, send payment reminders, update credit card information, and follow up on overdue pledges.

Customer Service

We build relationships with sponsors by handling their questions, concerns, etc. on your behalf.


We organize and process the letters written from a child to their sponsor and from the sponsor to their child. We also confirm if the child is still participating in the programs and collect an annual picture and profile.

Sponsorship Transitions

We transition sponsors to new children in a timely manner if their sponsored child is no longer participating in the program.

Financial Reports

We reconcile the monthly contributions to our financial systems to ensure accuracy, transparency and financial stewardship.

Program Review

We provide monthly partner reports detailing the current status of your sponsorship program

We are always open to new partners
who would like to join our partner network

Our Partner Network

We are building a network of trusted organizations that serve children at their point of need. We work with established not-for-profit organizations who are already serving children.

BrightPoint Post Secondary Students

The BrightPoint post secondary school program includes students living in the impoverished. community of Githurai outside of Nairobi, Kenya. BrightPoint has implemented a sponsorship program to provide post secondary school fees and expensed for these amazing students to provide vocational or academic training to give them a good start in life.

Children's Garden Home

Children’s Garden Home is a community-based, non-governmental, nonprofit charitable organization for orphans, abandoned, abused, desperate and neglected street children regardless of religion, sex, color or tribe. Through parental love, spiritual care, rehabilitation and non-formal education, we nurture them to unleash their full potential towards living a good life based on self-reliance.


FIFTEEN is the leadership program created by Essential2Life whose vision is to see a generation of urban youth move beyond obstacles to discover a direction in their lives. FIFTEEN carries students through a three-year concentration during which they learn social responsibility, self-awareness, leadership, and life skills.

Glory Outreach Assembly

Glory Outreach Assembly (GOA) embarked on a spiral trailblazing mission to accomplish the task of being witnessed not only in Jerusalem but to the uttermost parts of the world. GOA’s child compassion ministry works with vulnerable children and orphans to meet the basic needs and education requirements for children in eight GOA children homes throughout Kenya.

HEAL Raising Our World Foundation Inc.

HEAL rasing our world foundation is a faith-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to raising our world one child at a time. They recognize that poverty and disease have forced innocent children to live in unbearable conditions. HEAL seeks to design and implement progressive models that include health, education, ample nutrition and love.


HOI is a christ-centered mission organization working alongside people of central America who desire to implement sustainable development partnerships. They priorities protecting the dignity of these communities by working with them rather than for them.

Hope for Today

Hope for Today provides leadership training, church planting, and compassion ministries to spread the Gospel throughout Southeast Asia. Hope for Today is under the umbrella of The International Leadership Institute (ILI), an organization that accelerates the spread of the Gospel around the world by training and mobilizing leaders of leaders to reach their nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kipuke Ministries

Kipuke Ministries provides sponsorship opportunities for the girls training center, providing life skill classes, biblical education, academics, and job training in sewing and hairdressing and the orphan care program, providing shelter through foster homes, education, healthcare and nutritional needs.

Light From Light

Light From Light is focused on caring for and building up communities in need. They partner with local leaders and organizations in Haiti that are on site and effectively transform the lives around them. Their mission is to share the light of Jesus Christ in partnership with the community as they work to improve community health in a rich variety of ways including education and healthcare.

Mully Children's Family

Mully Children’s Family’s goal is to win the trust of every child and show them continuous genuine fatherly and parental love that is based on God’s love for humanity. This includes food, housing, clothing, education, spiritual education, medical care, councilling, training and extracurricular activities including arts and sports. Our that last 30 years this model has been successful in the transformation of the lives of over 12,000 vulnerable children.

Seeds of Hope

Founded in 2006, Seeds of Hope works with local citizens and charities to provide modern-day necessities to impoverished communities in the Middle East. Their desire is to bring long term change to families through education, economic development cultural exchange, and humanitarian aid.

Seeds of Hope Children's Outreach

Seeds of Hope Children’s Outreach serves teenage street children in Kenya. Their mission is to build and support the development of a self-sustaining youth home and vocational school which provides occupational skills training allowing these youth to become employed, contributing members of their society.

The 410 Bridge

The 410 Bridge engages followers of Christ to help people in developing nations lift themselves from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose and freedom. The 410 Bridge works alongside local churches and leadership to assess and leverage their community’s gifts and strengths, not just their needs.

Wiphan Care Ministries

Wiphan Care Ministries mission is to equip widows and orphans for a productive life by offering hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus Christ. Wiphan ministers to widows and orphans living in spiritual and physical poverty in some of the poorest areas in Africa, through the gospel, education and skills training.

YouthReach International

YouthReach International’s mission is to establish local mentoring communities which equip orphans and at-risk youth for success in life through spiritual development, positive role models and practical life skills.

Let us provide essential services to help you sponsor your children.