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Sponsorship programs can be complicated; we know because we do it every day. Here’s how we address the most significant barriers that prevent sponsorship programs from achieving their potential.


Donor management and child sponsorship software has limitations and a custom solution is beyond the reach of most nonprofits.

Our Solution:

  • Is built on a reliable, cloud-based platform
  • Provides ready-made sponsorship website
  • Allows quick launch of new or existing programs
  • Requires no training for your team


Collection and distribution of letters is time consuming yet critical in sponsor retention.

Our Solution:

  • Offers child letter templates
  • Distributes letters through the sponsor portal
  • Alerts sponsor when new portal content is available
  • Mails letters, if preferred

    Inbound Communication

    Changes in payments, login and other inbound requests require time and fully integrated systems.

    Our Solution:

    • Targets 1 business day response time
    • Is personalized; we are part of your team
    • Records each sponsor interaction
    • Resolves sponsor issues using case management

      Sponsor Retention

      Interaction with sponsors is necessary for retention and every touchpoint should reinforce impact.

      Our Solution:

      • Delivers a welcome packet within 10 business days
      • Engages sponsors with a nurture campaign
      • Results in a 4-year average retention rate


        When a child leaves the program, the sponsor must be transitioned to a new one to retain the sponsor.

        Our Solution:

        • Responds with urgency (less than 30 days)
        • Is sensitive in its approach
        • Results in an 87% transition success rate

          Let us help you achieve your goal!