BrightPoint for Children administers child sponsorship programs that enable our partners to provide for the basic needs and education of the vulnerable children they serve around the world. Unlike commercial software products, we offer a personalized experience to you and your sponsors because we know relationships are the bridge to faith, hope, and transformation. With that, here’s a breakdown of where we believe child sponsorship software falls short.

Complex Initial Setup

Most require you to set up your own program. This is no small task. For example, you must manually add separate custom fields. These fields reflect the data you wish to include on program participants, such as the child’s name, gender, location, age, child notes, date of birth, and other identifiers. Beyond that, each of these custom fields can require additional drop-down fields. Setup can be very tedious and complex.

BrightPoint for Children doesn’t ask you to perform the initial setup and there are no modules to learn. 

Extensive Data Entry

Next, you must enter the data for each and every program participant. Multiply the various data entry fields by the number of children you plan to serve and you soon realize how overwhelming and time-consuming this step will be. Additionally, you must upload every child’s photograph into their record.

BrightPoint for Children knows your time is limited and prepares individual child profiles for you. 

Brand Awareness

Nonprofits must substantiate where and how donations are utilized regularly. Existing software isn’t branded for your organization. In other words, the software company name may appear on your website, on tax receipts, and in digital communications received by your sponsor. 

BrightPoint for Children’s private-labeled website and communications match your organization.

In-Person Events

Should you need ‘available child’ packets prepared and printed for an upcoming event, you won’t find that option in any software. Simultaneously, we have a digital platform in place for mobile signups. 

BrightPoint for Children supports your events focused on sponsor acquisition.

Letters Between Child and Sponsor

Letters of encouragement between child and sponsor are the cornerstone of successful, long-term programs. We review every letter, both those submitted online and ones physically mailed. In doing so, we can bring anything inappropriate to your attention immediately.  

BrightPoint for Children ensures the privacy and safety of the child and sponsor.

Financial Accounting

Software will process donations and send automated payment reminders. However, software won’t call your sponsor. We have seen hundreds of sponsorships saved with one call from a member of our team. Software doesn’t know the heart of a donor who has yet to respond to an automated email. 

BrightPoint for Children knows donors are the lifeblood of your organization, not just a transaction.

One Mission

BrightPoint for Children is a nonprofit organization who believes in your mission. Our team has supported ministries around the globe since 2007; partners with anywhere from a few hundred sponsorships to thousands. Together, we can see every vulnerable child achieve his or her potential. 

BrightPoint for Children is powered by people and relationships; no software can make that claim.