We have all seen the commercials about children in need in other countries or we have been to an event where we pass pictures of children in need of financial support. But what is child sponsorship, really? Where does your money go and what impact do you have on the child’s life?

Sponsorship is a special, tangible gift that can be hard to put into words. 

We hear the stories of poverty in other counties and how children are being affected. Children are going to bed at night starving, bathing in sewage water, not going to school, or living on the streets because they have no home to go to. All these tragedies that happen to a child start to identify them. They feel disadvantaged and hopeless.

Child sponsorship isn’t about those harsh realities. It’s about helping children see their best potential. No matter where they come from, every child has the right to a positive future. With child sponsorship, you have the opportunity to be a part of that future.

It is about choosing love and participating in love.

When you choose to participate in child sponsorship, it is an exciting and humble investment. You are choosing to help a child see their best potential by providing the opportunity for an education. You are helping a child feel their best with healthcare. You are helping a child feel loved with a warm meal. Your sponsorship gives hope.

Choosing to sponsor a child means you are committing to giving a monthly donation to help a child. No matter what country or partner you choose to sponsor with, the need for the child is the same. Your donation will go to helping a partner provide a child’s education, healthcare, and nutritional needs.

We believe the positive outcome of child sponsorship will not only change the life of a child but change their community as well.

As a child grows, giving them a strong foundation in education will help empower them with the skills needed for promising careers. The confidence and skills they attain through education will help impact their community and the people around them.

For many children, they are the first in their family to have the opportunity to go to school and they want to be an example to their siblings. Some have goals to become a nurse or doctor so they can help people who are sick. When you choose to sponsor a child, you are also helping to make a difference in their community and preparing the next generation of leaders.

For a child living in poverty, it’s such a positive thing for them to know that people care and that the world is ultimately a good place.

There are many attributes that cause a person to sponsor a specific child, a touching story, a common interest, or the same birthday. Even if you are halfway around the world, you will develop a strong and important relationship with the child through letters, encouraging words, photos, and prayer. This important and positive relationship will impact the child you sponsor and help them achieve their goals in life.

BrightPoint for Children has helped thousands of children through child sponsorship all over the world.

Your contributions are combined with other sponsors and donors in order to help our partners and the community they serve in. This ensures that the children in these communities still benefit from the programs and support even if they do not have a sponsor of their own. For a list of our current partners and to see where they serve, you may click here.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring a child and would like to see children who are available for sponsorship, you can click here.

Together, we can participate in love and help impoverished children around the world find their best potential with child sponsorship.