What is a sponsor portal and how does it help child sponsors? In this post, we’ll share 6 reasons your organization will love this innovation in child sponsorship.  

Sponsorship programs are using online platforms more and more to distribute letters and other types of updates to sponsors. A sponsor portal is a web-based platform designed to provide a secure, online space where sponsors can access information about the child they are sponsoring, communicate with the child, and receive updates and news about the child and the program. 

The sponsor portal typically includes features such as a child profile gallery, a messaging system, and a secure donation gateway, among others, and is designed to provide sponsors with a convenient and personalized experience that helps deepen their connection with their sponsored child.

Utilizing a sponsor portal can benefit child sponsors in the following ways:

  1. Share personalized updates on the sponsored child’s progress, activities, and achievements. This helps sponsors feel connected to the child and understand the impact of their support. 
  2. Provide data on the overall impact the program is having on the children and their communities and provide access to exclusive content for sponsors. 
  3. Encourage two-way communication by allowing sponsors to write letters to the child and share updates about themselves while logged into the platform. 
  4. Make it easy to give by offering multiple ways for sponsors to make payments while ensuring the sponsor’s personal and financial information is protected with a secure login and password. 
  5. Use surveys and feedback mechanisms that allow the donor to provide their opinions, ideas and experiences with the organization. 
  6. Access donation history and yearend donation receipts without having to contact the organization.

Overall, a sponsor portal serves as a self-service access point for information, tools and much more. There are many reasons both your sponsors and your organization will love this innovation in child sponsorship. Sponsors will be better informed and engaged and this will increase the likelihood that the sponsor will continue to support the child and the organization over time which is crucial for your program’s long-term viability and sustainability.

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