Today, many lives have been affected by Coronavirus and COVID-19 disease. We are taking precautions by staying home, social distancing and making sure our pantry is stocked. As a sponsor, you may be wondering and concerned about the effect this outbreak is having in the communities our partners serve.

Around the world, our partners are working hard to continue to support the kids in their programs. Just like here in the States, schools are closed and businesses are closing their doors, some permanently. Today, I would like to share with you the outpouring of the love and dedication our partners have and the work they are continuing to do because of your sponsorship.

In Haiti, our partner Light from Light is dedicated to continuing to support their students, even when they are staying home, by planning to distribute a month’s worth of meals to the kids at the beginning of April. The Lespwa Timoun clinic continues to support the local communities with medical and nutritional programs. In addition, they are preparing the community by training new medical staff, setting up handwashing stations known as “Tippy Taps” and continue to operate the nutrition program.

Our partner in Zambia, Wiphan Care Ministries, is still dedicated to making sure the students are still learning. Primary School students are taking their lessons home and bringing their completed work to the school to be checked by the teachers. While there, the students will continue to receive a hot lunch. The hot lunch program will continue to run at each Wiphan school location to continue to keep the children healthy and provide food for those who do not have any at home. To help avoid any spread of the virus, there is a strict schedule in place for when students are able to visit the schools to turn in their work and receive a hot meal.

The 410 Bridge is also helping the communities they are serving in while the schools are closed in many different ways. In Kenya, the food purchased for feeding programs at the schools will be shared with the children in the communities. School lessons are still being taught via radio and the students are being informed on how to participate. For the students who do not have access to radio, they are looking into procuring solar-powered radios. In Guatemala, when the school year resumes, it will be extended to ensure the children can continue their education. And in Haiti, The 410 Bridge will continue to pay teachers to help sustain them and their families. Posters about how to slow the spread of COVID-19 are being printed and distributed to the communities. Food and sanitary kits are also being assembled in Port-au-Prince and will be delivered to all of the 410 Bridge communities.

Your monthly support is vital in this season and we are thankful for your continued support in helping our partners serve these children. If you are not a sponsor, now might be a pivotal time to sponsor a child and help the children and the communities fight against this virus. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can click here.

This virus might have changed our routines and caused some anxiety but one thing it has not taken away is prayer. More than ever now is the time to pray for each other and to be in prayer for our partners and the children around the world.

Alicia Stever
Sponsorship Program Coordinator
BrightPoint for Children