February is already coming to a close, which means we have had two months of practicing our New Year resolutions! How are you doing with yours? For many, the first couple of months are strong but as time passes, we start to lose track of why we set those resolutions. Whether it’s starting a new health routine, finding a new job or volunteering your time, it is important to remember why we set those goals and to maintain them.

For some, writing to their sponsored child has been their New Year’s resolution. That is a great resolution to have! Building a relationship through letter writing is important and encouraging to the child you sponsor. Doing so lets them know someone is praying for them and encouraging them to go to school and chase their dreams.

Writing a letter to your sponsored child in a different country can seem confusing. There are many things to keep in mind such as when your child will receive your letter. Since all of our letters are hand-delivered, it can be months before your letter is sent and, likewise, when you receive a letter back from your child.

You might notice that sometimes the letter you receive is sharing about a holiday that has already happened. The reality is when you take into account the time it takes to translate and deliver the letters, months can pass. The same goes for the letters you send.

Despite the time passed, it is still okay! A letter wishing them a happy birthday, even when it’s a couple of months past, is better than no letter at all. The children still love to receive the letters, no matter what!

If you want to try and plan around sending holiday greetings this year, we have planned a letter-writing schedule for the new year! Keep in mind; this is just a general timeline of when is the best time to write for your child to receive a letter close to the holiday. Things are subject to change at any time based on when trips are visiting the communities.

February – Send an Easter letter or a fun card! This will be a great time to talk about how you celebrate Easter and ask how your child celebrates in their country.

September – This is a great time to tell your child about Thanksgiving in America! Remember, the country you sponsor your child does not celebrate the same holidays we do, so this is a great opportunity to tell them about Thanksgiving: what it means, why we celebrate it and letting them know you are thankful for them!

October – Start sending your Christmas greetings around this time. If you already have it, you can also send in your family Christmas card! The children love to receive pictures and to hear how you celebrate.

December – New Years and Valentine’s Day are around the corner. Wish your child a happy new year and let them know how much you love them! Again, they probably don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, so this will be a great opportunity to share with them why we celebrate.

Birthdays – If you know your child’s birthday, a great rule to follow is to send a birthday greeting or a card a couple of months before.

Remember, all letters are hand-delivered with a trip and every partner is different. But even if your child receives their Valentine’s Day card or Christmas card late, it still means they were thought of.

I hope this little timeline helps with your New Year’s resolution to write more! If you would like more ideas and topics for writing a letter, you can read this blog post. For more information about how the letter-writing process works, check out this post.

Don’t wait; write your child a letter today!

Alicia Stever
Sponsorship Program Coordinator
BrightPoint for Children