Prayer Requests

BrightPoint for Children Prayer Requests


  • One of orphan children in a Mentoring Community in Ukraine was died in October. Vlad was out late by himself and was stabbed to death. The police found his body at the edge of a forest early in the morning. He was buried without a family and with no grave. The only person asking questions is his mentor, Alexei. Our hearts are grieving over Vlad and his loss of life. Please pray for all of our children and staff for safety, wisdom and dependence on God.
  • Protests in Haiti have made it difficult to continue working with our local partners. Pray for peace and a real difference in the lives of Haitians as they lift themselves out of poverty with our support.
  • Pray for students writing end of year exams in Kenya, Zambia and Honduras.  Education is the key to moving out of poverty and we’re praying for excellent results that will continue to open doors for our students.
  • Pray for teams visiting host countries between now and the end of the year.  We have teams in South Asia, Palestine, Guatemala, Haiti and Kenya. Pray that God would use the teams to serve the host country and that His name would be glorified with the results.
  • Pray for the new Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes just starting this school year in Palestine.  That God would open the children’s hearts and minds and that the staff is equipped to meet this new challenge.
  • Pray for each of our partners as they begin plans for 2020.  May God continue to extend the reach of each ministry to reach vulnerable children and youth to create brighter futures. May He bless each ministry with the funds and resources needed to complete the work given.
  • Pray for a new boys’ dormitory for the Rapha Community Centre in Kenya.  The current boys’ dormitory is literally falling apart. The floor is crumbling and the roof is leaking and they are at risk of losing their children’s home registration if they do not provide a new home for their boys.  HEAL is halfway to their goal of $100,000.  Please pray for the funds to be raised.
  • Kenya – pray for rains to come to overcome the drought and enable communities to grow crops and feed themselves. Some areas have communities that are starving and this is putting additional pressure on our partners to meet the needs not only with their own children but of the families in the surrounding communities.